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Netflix Now: Punching and Forbidden Mustache Edition

Work behind the scenes of Flixist last week kept Netflix Now from making an appearance, but about half of the content added to Watch Instantly was TV shows for both weeks, so you weren't missing as much as you might think. There's a decent ...


Man claims he found 'time traveler' in Charlie Chaplin film

I'm skeptical of claims like this, but part of me really wants to believe, so here goes: George Clarke of Yellow Fever Productions claims to have spotted a time traveler in Charlie Chaplin's The Circus, released in 1928. His evidence?...


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Terrordactyl"In time for the weekend: B-movie review"


The Conjuring 2"Conjures a good time"


Warcraft"Not one reference to Leeroy Jenkins"


The Angry Birds Movie"Nothing to get too angry at"


The Nice Guys"Shane Black doing it oh so nice"


Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising"Well, at least it tried"


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The future is looking pretty rough in these films!


Well, this one will be interesting!


Well super excited to see Hateful Eight sometime soon, but does anyone have and recommendations for some good indie films?


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