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Night Before Review photo

Review: The Night Before

When Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg produce a film, you pretty much know what you're going to get. As the duo have made their way through the romantic comedy, high school buddy film, stoner comedy, old Hollywood existential, superhero story, ...

Screenings photo

See Love the Coopers early and free

Are you ready for Christmas cheer? What? Just because it's before Thanksgiving doesn't mean it's too early to start watching holiday movies. We're the Coopers is coming out this week! You can see it early by grabbing passes to a screen...


Netflix drops a Very Murray Christmas poster

As everyone knows Bill Murray has already starred in one of the greatest modern Christmas films of all time, Scrooged. That's not enough for him, however. He's about to hit us up with another. Netflix's A Very Murray Christmas will fea...

Krampus Trailer photo

First trailer for Christmas horror film Krampus

I'm not sure what the reason is, but we're suddenly getting a whole lot of Krampus films. There's Kevin Smith's Krampus project, a few direct to VOD films, that one episode of American Dad two seasons ago, and now we've got Krampus from Tri...


Sofia Coppola's Christmas Special gets its cast

Sofia Coppola is doing a Christmas Special? Yes she is. With Bill Murray, no less. Announced in the fall of 2014, the project went radio silent for quite awhile, but today a curious cast has been revealed. George Clooney, Miley Cyrus, Amy P...

Grumpy Cat Trailer photo

Trailer for Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever exists

Lifetime movies sure have gone downhill. Let's hope this doesn't involve the domestic, sexual, alcoholic abuse normally found on the station that (not) surprisingly doesn't use the "Television for Women" mantra as much as it used to. ...

Jingle 2 photo

First teaser for Jingle All the Way 2

You know how Larry the Cable Guy rolls his eyes at the end of the teaser? That's pretty much how I'm feeling right now. Thank Jebus it's only thirty seconds long...and direct to DVD. At least it's easier to avoid that way. Produced by WWE ...


Rogen and Gordon-Levitt coming back together for Xmas

The heavily under appreciated 50/50 was probably one of Seth Rogen's best performances and really landed Joseph Gordon-Levitt as an entirely awesome human being in every way for me. It's exciting to hear that they'll be getting back to...


Universal announces another Grinch remake

God has forsaken us. The people behind the horrendous Lorax remake (Which Flixist's own Matthew Razak liked, but what does he know) are making a new film based on Dr. Seuss' classic holiday children's book. Whose idea was this? I'll tell yo...

NF: Wrap Up photo

Nick's Flixmas: Wrap Up

Now that Nick's Flixmas is officially over, I figured I'd wrap them all up into one post so you could search out ones you liked. This has been a fun ride, but I don't think I'll do something like this again. It was incredibly rough watching...

NF: Charlie Brown  photo

Nick's Flixmas: A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas is the quintessential Christmas movie. This animated short has inspired so many jokes, stories, and memories, it just wouldn't be Christmas without that blockhead Charlie Brown. You'd be hard pressed to find a film...

NF: Before Flixmas photo

Nick's Flixmas: Twas' the Night Before Flixmas

To bring Nick's Flixmas to a near close, I decided to do something special for you all. It's a gift for sticking these 25 days out with me. So to celebrate Day 24 of Nick's Flixmas (and to a lesser extent, Christmas Eve), I watched a bunch ...

NF: THE Grinch photo

Nick's Flixmas: The Grinch

Back in the early 2000s Universal attempted two live action Dr. Seuss reboots starring notable comedic actors, resulting in two of the weirdest movies. While the less said about the Mike Myers starring The Cat in the Hat said the better, Ho...

NF: Grinch photo

Nick's Flixmas: Dr Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

You're still a mean one, Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas. What started out as short story eventually became an animated short that has become the second most prolific film any Christmas. Ask your everyday Joe Somebody what Christm...

NF: Nightmare photo

Nick's Flixmas: The Nightmare Before Christmas

If you've ever stepped into a Hot Topic or talked to a thirteen year old during their "dark" phase, chances are you've heard of The Nightmare Before Christmas. How and why did it blow up the way it did? It's a great film, but after yea...

NF: A Christmas Story photo

Nick's Flixmas: A Christmas Story

Did you know they made a sequel to A Christmas Story? That's like opening your gifts on Christmas morning and finding out your parents are getting a divorce. It's rough stuff. Hollywood makes unnecessary sequels all the time, so I shouldn't...

NF: Die Hard photo

Nick's Flixmas: Die Hard

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie with action in it, or is it an action movie featuring Christmas? It hits that Hollywood sweet spot of visceral action and emotional resolutions. It's a formula studios have been attempting to replicate for year...

NF: Harold & Kumar photo

Nick's Flixmas: A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas

Harold & Kumar? You mean to tell me a stoner comedy threequel is part of the Nick's Flixmas lineup? And it's part of the Twelve Days of Flixmas (the twelve best Christmas films ever)? Why yes because I just think it's that entertaining....

NF: Home Alone photo

Nick's Flixmas: Home Alone

Home Alone is a sad, sad movie. With its Christmas setting making the content of the film even more depressing, Home Alone should be called something like Always Alone. Something like your entire family leaving you seems like it would just ...

NF: Gremlins photo

Nick's Flixmas: Gremlins

Have you ever seen The Hole? It's the worst. It attempts to be a throwback to campy comedy horror, a style Joe Dante practically reinvigorated back with Pirahna, but it fails at every aspect. It's a shadow of a once great director. Who's Jo...

NF: Elf photo

Nick's Flixmas: Elf

Now it may be to early to call Elf a Christmas classic, but it's still has been ten years. I figure that's a good enough wait period. Elf is one of those films that you have to watch at least once every year like I do. Now it's not somethin...

NF: Jingle All the Way photo

Nick's Flixmas: Jingle All the Way

If you haven't been paying attention to Nick's Flixmas, it's okay because that's all going to change right now. I'm writing about a Christmas film a day for 25 days and am already thirteen posts in. As we get into the Twelve Days of Flixmas...

NF: Santa Buddies photo

Nick's Flixmas: Santa Buddies

The fact that a movie like Santa Buddies can exist still boggles my mind. What was originally just Air Bud, a movie a a cool friggin' dog that could shoot some cool friggin hoops for days, turned into Air Bud: Golden Retriever, Air Bud: Wor...

NF: Home for Christmas photo

Nick's Flixmas: I'll Be Home For Christmas

Because it was on Netflix and I needed a film to fill the gap between now and the Twelve Days of Nick's Flixmas (which will officially start on the 14th since I'm considering Christmas Day as a part of this rather than end it on the 24th li...

NF: Christmas Vacation photo

Nick's Flixmas: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation may not be my favorite Vacation (that honor goes to Vegas Vacation), it's still pretty damn funny. Now that Vacation itself is getting a reboot/sequel in the near future, I figured it'd be a good time t...

NF: Polar Express photo

Nick's Flixmas: The Polar Express

Why is The Polar Express special? Is it the motion captured animation? Probably. It's the first film I can remember that promoted itself purely through its advances in animation technology and use of 3D. In fact if you somehow had forgotten...

NF: Muppet Carol photo

Nick's Flixmas: The Muppet Christmas Carol

The Muppets have had a few Christmas specials over the years: It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie, A Muppet Family Christmas, and even the awful Artpop commercial, Lady Gaga & The Muppets Holiday Spectacular. But there's always bee...

NF: Scrooged photo

Nick's Flixmas: Scrooged

Day eight of Nick's Flixmas takes us through our second A Christmas Carol flick, Scrooged, an adaptation of the story starring Bill Murray. Unlike the previous installments of this little event, I've never actually seen Scrooged before toda...

NF: Bah Humduck! photo

Nick's Flixmas: Bah, Humduck! A Looney Tunes Christmas

Day seven of Nick's Flixmas (nineteen more days to go!) takes us on a run through Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Over the next few days, I'll be watching several films that take on the story in a unique way. What do I mean by unique? T...

NF: Nestor photo

Nick's Flixmas: Nestor, The Long-Eared Christmas Donkey

Day six of Nick's Flixmas (thanks for sticking in there!) brings us to the last, and my favorite, Rankin/Bass film, Nestor, The Long-Eared Christmas Donkey. Why is it my favorite? Because every time I watch, it reminds me of my mother. It's...

NF: Little Drummer Boy photo

Nick's Flixmas: The Little Drummer Boy

Day five of Nick's Flixmas brings us to the first Rankin/Bass animated Christmas special, The Little Drummer Boy. As the company's first, Drummer Boy gets away with a lot of things later films in their collection do not. It's the darkest an...

NF: Year Without a Santa photo

Nick's Flixmas: The Year Without a Santa Claus

Day four of Nick's Flixmas continues this little Santa kick I'm on with another Rankin/Bass special, The Year Without a Santa Claus. This film should be notable for a few reasons. First off, it's the only one that centers on Mrs. Claus (thu...

NF: Santa Claus is Comin' photo

Nick's Flixmas: Santa Claus is Comin' to Town

Day three of our December event, Nick's Flixmas, bring us to my third favorite Rankin/Bass film, Santa Claus is Comin' to Town. Why is it my third favorite? The songs are the catchiest things in the Rankin/Bass repertoire (although the lyri...

NF: Frosty the Snowman photo

Nick's Flixmas: Frosty the Snowman

Day two of Nick's Flixmas brings us to our first 2D animated film of the season, Frosty the Snowman. As one of the few non puppet members of the Rankin/Bass film family, Frosty is memorable for quite a few reasons.  Like Rudolph, Frost...

NF: Rudolph photo

Nick's Flixmas: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Now that the eating holiday is over (and Hanukkuh is halfway through) and folks have begun narrowly escaping retail stores with their lives and money, it's officially time for the hypest countdown of the year: the 25 days until Christmas Da...

NO Wonderful Life sequel photo

It's A Wonderful Life NOT getting a sequel

It's A Wonderful Life is commonly known as a quintessential classic Christmas movie. The black and white 1940s movie has been loved for decades and for many people watching it is an annual Christmas tradition. So when news broke last week t...

It's a Blunderful Life photo

It's a Wonderful Life NOT getting not so wonderful sequel

[UPDATE: Paramount currently owns the rights to It's A Wonderful Life and they're like "b!*&$@s please." Read more here.] "Clarence! Clarence! Help me, Clarence!" is all I'm thinking right now. I've been through at least three different...


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