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Avatar 2 delayed photo

James Cameron's Avatar 2 delayed yet again

Looks like that Avatar sequel James Cameron has been working on for years is getting pushed back yet again. This is not a repeat from the last few years. Avatar 2 was unofficially slated for a Christmas 2017 release after a previous delay, ...

Blomkamp's Alien Wishlist photo

6 things we want from Neill Blomkamp's Alien project

We've all wanted to make a movie at some point. We've all thought it through in our minds, from story to characters to the final act that would shock audiences around the world. Our own personal dream movie. A movie we would love to see, bu...


Avatar sequels get pushed back a year for script work

Avatar exploded on the scene and was a wild success and had people dressing up like giant blue aliens and then... nothing. Well, not actually nothing. We heard we'd be getting three sequels to the film, but James Cameron likes to take ...


James Cameron talks about 'Avatar' sequels: a 1-act play

"James? You've got an interview with the Associated Press in about ten minutes, sir." "Oh, thanks...Jon, was it? You're the new intern?" "Uh, sure. What are they planning to ask you?" "We're probably going to talk about the Avatar sequels, ...


Watch a 3 hour documentary on Aliens right now

Quick! What are you doing with the next three hours? Working? Learning? Reading? Exercising? Wrong, wrong, wrong and very wrong. You're watching this three hour documentary on Aliens that landed on YouTube back in January. Yea, y...

Avatar sequels photo

Avatar getting three sequels, first in 2016

We all know that James Cameron doesn't do small, and that Avatar was always going to be huge, but three whole sequels is really huge. The director and 20th Century Fox (the people who will no doubt be shelling out a crap ton of cash fo...


James Cameron gets Terminator rights back in 2019

To quickly recap on recent Terminator 5 news, it is known that Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming back and he will be playing as the Terminator with production possibly starting in January. We also known that Paramount picked up distribution r...

C.R.E.A.M photo

Avatar sequels will have underwater performance capture

You know how the first Avatar was just Dances With Wolves but with blue folks? Avatar 2 (and eventually 3 because money) will be more like another Costner film, Waterworld. In one of those decisions brought on by "hey we have the money...


James Cameron goes back to narritave film

Remember back in May when James Cameron said he's stepping down from narrative filmmaking, endless Avatar sequels notwithstanding? Well, look who changed his mind!In an interview with the good folks at IGN, Cameron went back on earlier clai...


James Cameron to team up with Mythbusters over Titanic

After last week's WTF-ery (the lovable Independence Day sequels, Brave Little Toaster remake announcement, and Resident Evil: Retribution), I was hoping that I would emerge from the weekend fresh and ready to take on the world. Then I found...


Avatar 4 will be prequel, Battle Angel to follow in 2017

Is anyone else getting tired of all of this Avatar sequel news? Well, if not, here are a few more tidbits for ya. According to James Cameron himself, Avatar 4 is planned -- and by planned I mean it is currently an inkling in Cameron's noggi...


Avatar 2 delayed until 2015

If you're sitting in front of your computer covered in blue paint desperately anticipating the sequel(s) to James Cameron's masterwork, this will come as bad news. For everyone else, this may not even qualify as news at all. It seems that e...


Rumor: Avatar 2, 3, and 4 may shoot back to back

This one's another "heavy on the grains of salt" sort of rumor, so take heed. Based on an interview with Signourney Weaver from Showbiz 411, an interview with very few direct quotes, James Cameron will shoot the next three Avatar ...


James Cameron abandoning narrative film except Avatar

James Cameron is a busy guy. He's so busy in fact that he has no time to produce films that (a) don't have the word avatar in their title or (b) aren't documentaries. Speaking with the New York Times he laid his future plans out, and s...


Titanic SUPER 3D shows us a horrifying alternate reality

For those of you moaning about Titanic 3D bringing the post-conversion 3D process to yet another movie that didn't need it, I can remind you of one simple fact, hard earned as a lifetime Star Wars fan: be lucky it's ONLY a 3D re-...


Avatar 2 likely to miss its 2014 release date

With Avatar having been the most successful movie of all time, raking in almost $3bn at the box-office and thereby giving Pandora a greater GNP than over 155 countries, everyone is understandable keen to know what's going on with the sequel...


Rejoice for Titanic 3D shall grace us two days earlier

On this day, the heavens opened up upon mankind and finally heard our prayers. Often heretics condemn the higher powers that be for being absentee gods, but no more. Today, we've got news -- that Titanic 3D will be gracing our theaters with...


Titanic 3D to screen in select cities for Valentine's Day

Two weeks from today comes every man's worst nightmare: VALENTINE'S DAY. The Hallmark holiday comes with overhyped expectations for those in relationships, as well as a psychological blow to the heart for those desperate to show they can me...


Avatar 2 delayed another two years, Originality rejoices

James Cameron's much anticipated Avatar 2 was slated to arrive in 2014. Now that vague date is but a memory, and taking its place another vague release date of 2016. The source comes directly from Jon Landau, producer of the first Avatar fi...


Monday Movie Trivia: James Cameron & OJ Simpson

A family member gave me The Indispensable Book of Useless Information as an early Christmas gift, and I've learned and remembered several awesome pieces of movie trivia. Over the coming weeks I'll share some of the cooler finds from the boo...


James Cameron discusses Titanic 3D in primitive 2D

Last week we brought you the trailer for Titanic 3D. This week's bounty from the cinematic ocean is a featurette in which James Cameron discusses his reason for bringing Titanic back to theaters. Apparently it's not money but rather a chan...


Scorsese wants you to want to hug and kiss children in 3D

If you were unaware, Martin "We're headed toward holograms" Scorsese is adapting Brian Selznick's wonderful book The Invention of Hugo Cabret. I have no problem with that. In fact, I think it's a great idea and wrote it up as one of m...


Trailer: Titanic 3D

Seriously, Titanic in 3D sounds like the joke sequel to the already joke sequel Titanic 2. Why do we need this film in 3D? A regular re-release wasn't enough? I'm not even one of those guys who is a Titanic hater. I actually think its quit...


AVATAR 2 to focus on oceans, save space whales

James Cameron recently spoke with ABC's Nightline about the upcoming sequels to his blockbuster movie. Apparently, they're "just a continuation of the same thing," but this time, it "focuses it a little more on ocean issues, because we have...


Cameron talks about Sigourney Weaver in Avatar 2, more

It was just a few nights ago that I caught the ending of James Cameron's Titanic on television and tweeted the epiphany that Lost basically stole their ending from the Avatar director. Now he's penetrated my world again, just days later, an...


AVATAR Land coming to Disney Parks

Disney announced today that they are forming a partnership with Fox Filmed Entertainment and James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment to bring AVATAR to Disney Parks. This isn't going to just be one ride or attraction, mind you: this is goi...


James Cameron swears that Avatar 2 & 3 aren't a trilogy

My old friend Jimmy Cameron is at it again! In a recent /Film article, the Canadian Wonder recently proclaimed that Avatar 2 and 3 won't constitute a trilogy. I, um...what? Isn't the description of a trilogy "three connected storylines"? Ap...


Titanic to be re-released in 3D next year

Paramount and Fox have announced today that they'll be re-releasing my old friend Jimmy Cameron's initial drop into pretentiousness, Titanic, next year in Cameron-Vision™ 3D. The movie will be in theatres on April 6, 2012, w...


The Hobbit to be ultra smooth, shot in 48fps

My mother recently got a new Samsung high-def TV, so of course I was the one tapped to set it up right. It came with an option, "auto motion plus," that was turned on be default. A selling point of the system, it messed with the frame rate ...


James Cameron discusses the future of movies

At CinemaCon this week, James Cameron held a discussion called “A Demonstration and Exclusive Look at the Future of Cinema”, where the unoriginal director discussed how higher frame rates are going to be the next big push in mov...


James Cameron gives update on Battle Angel

In between his herping and derping, James Cameron occasionally gives an interview. While doing press for his latest production Sanctum, ol’ Jimmy gave the skinny on his long awaited adaptation of Battle Angel, and managed to find time to...


James Cameron thinks 3D won't be glasses-free for 8-10 years

James Cameron has a bit of a hard-on for 3D films. It's easy to see why, considering he made his latest film, Avatar, a showcase for the technology. And yet according to SlashFilm, he's not satisfied. As any tech blogger could guess, Camero...


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