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Why Not Play in Hell? photo

Review: Why Don't You Play in Hell?

Last year, Japan Cuts played Sion Sono's Bad Film, a project filmed back in 1995 but not finished until 2012. In my non-review of the film, I unequivocally called it a masterpiece, and I stand by every word. It is a labor of love that ...

The Simpsons supercuts photo

UPDATE: Every movie nod in The Simpsons seasons 1-10

UPDATE: Next Movie has gone and done the impossible once again and have collected every movie reference in The Simpsons seasons six through ten. It's 20 minutes of pure glory (but with some understandable cutbacks. If they wanted very refe...

Worst of 2012 photo

Sean's worst films of 2012

2012 was a fantastic year for films. Out of the 116 or so films I saw this year, 94 were at the very least tolerable. I'm also an easy sell. That being said, there were movies even I didn't like. And I liked The Devil Inside.


Silence of the Lambs and Bambi join the US Film Registry

The National Film Registry is a subsidiary of the Library of Congress which immortalizes movies that it deems significant. Each year, 25 more films are added to the collection, and this year's got some pretty cool picks, including Forrest G...


Late Child's Play game news is late, yet still cool

Indie game developer TikGames has been developing a Child's Play game for some time now, and yet this is the first time Flixist is actually reporting it. I had previously heard about the game, being the shameless Child's Play fan that I am,...


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Terrordactyl"In time for the weekend: B-movie review"


The Conjuring 2"Conjures a good time"


Warcraft"Not one reference to Leeroy Jenkins"


The Angry Birds Movie"Nothing to get too angry at"


The Nice Guys"Shane Black doing it oh so nice"


Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising"Well, at least it tried"


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The future is looking pretty rough in these films!


Well, this one will be interesting!


Well super excited to see Hateful Eight sometime soon, but does anyone have and recommendations for some good indie films?


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